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This conference will next be presented on July  2nd-3rd 2016

 Competition for places at medical school is intense, as medicine draws from society's most committed and talented young people. Medsim has been designed to give students the rich experience they need to strengthen their UCAS application to medical school.

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Everything You Need To Know About The Medsim Course



Medsim, 2nd - 3rd July 2016


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Medsim, £199

Rapid Response, £55

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Get Ahead - Work Experience Opportunities

Use these sessions not only to learn and practice some of the techniques you will encounter in your training, but also to engage with the doctors, nurses, medical students and other potential medical students present to learn more about the range of Work Experience opportunities there are.

Clinical Presentations- Expand Your Knowledge

The Clinical Presentations: These consist of a series of short presentations intended to guide and prepare you for the extensive practicals that are the essential feature of Medsim.

+ Case History:
How and what information to take from a patient prior to examination.

+ Surgical Techniques for Keyhole Surgery: Essential surgical procedures described.

+ Patient Rounds: Step by step guide to making a diagnosis of the patients that you will meet.

+ Medsim Clinical Preparation: Extra time for those who have not attended Medlink or Medisix Plus.

Clinical Training Sessions- Experience Life As A Medical Student

Clinical Training Sessions: These sessions will give you direct experience in using some of the important tools of medicine, with special relevance to your future experience in Casualty. Working in small groups, the purpose is to provide you with actual hands on practice in these essential areas.

+ X-Rays: Learn how to use and interpret X-Rays from a variety of different perspectives and sources.
+ Ultrasound: Examine and view the actual heart of a patient as part of your training and experience.
+ Using the needle: Giving injections, watch, learn, then perform for yourself.


Clinical Experience-Mentored By Medical Students And Doctors

Clinical Experience: These sessions are a superb opportunity for prospective medical students to obtain valuable experience of employing their newly acquired skills to diagnose actual patients and to treat others through simulation. Further, these clinical events (the Emergency Call-out in particular) require skills and techniques to be applied in real-time and under pressure. Not only are these opportunities designed to add valuable experience to the student’s UCAS form, they come as close as possible to the actual excitement and experience of being a doctor. Possibly more than any other aspect of the course they confirm a young person’s choice of medicine as a career and provide them with the motivation to pursue their future as a doctor.

+ Emergency Call out
: Difficult to describe and has to be experienced. Called from bed in the early hours of the morning or in the middle of the afternoon you will be directed to the scene of a simulated emergency, which may be a road traffic accident or similar. Working in real-time and under pressure the aim is to save a life, but of course there is more…

+ Palpation: A harmless cyst or cancer? The principles of touch in diagnosis are taught and then applied.

+ Patient Case History:
Prior to examination of your patient, essential information is required. Often these skills will be required in the quiet of the ward, at other times…


+ Keyhole Surgery: As you look through the laparoscopic camera, you perform a genuine surgical task in real-time, working through simulated blood and tissue that is hard to distinguish from the genuine thing.


+ Patient Diagnosis: Several real patients will confront you and your small group of fellow medics. Your goal will be to diagnose their condition, both personally and in emergency situations.

+ Resuscitation:
Prepare for a high-tech analysis of your timing and skills as you resuscitate your patient.



Please note. The Clinical Preparation Briefing is only for delegates booked onto MEDSIM.

To ensure you are best prepared for the conference, and also then best prepared for your application and interview, work through the PDF documents below:

Patients- Can you make a diagnosis from these symptoms?

Clinical Preparation Briefing - Patients

Clinical Preparation Briefing - Stethoscope

Medsim Laparoscopic Surgery

Medsim Ultrasound


Testimonial from Emma - Medsim Delegate

I attended the Medsim course at the University of Nottingham. For me, Medsim helped to confirm that Medicine was what I wanted to do. The chance to have a go at taking blood from a simulated arm and using a model to experience Key Hole Surgery was a unique opportunity to take a look at the practical side of medicine.  The chance to meet and talk to other applicants from around the country, as well as current Medical Students, was also a valuable opportunity.

I was able to discuss my experiences at Medsim in my personal statement and interview. I felt that I had had the opportunity to discover the many different aspects of medicine. I also practised key communications skills, since I had to work well in teams of people I had never met before in order to be successful, much like in Clinical Practice.

Overall, Medsim deepened my knowledge and understanding of Medicine as a career and strengthened my application to Medical School. I would recommend the course to anyone who is considering a career in Medicine. I am now studing medicine at Nottingham Medical School.

Delegates MUST be at least 16 yrs old on the first day of any residential conference.

View some of the highlights from Medsim and hear from some of our past students.






Who Attends The Medsim Course?

  • Students wanting to enhance their application
  • Those seriously considering a career in medicine
  • Students interested in studying abroad
  • Find out how to gain work experience

Benefits Of Attending Medsim

  • Enhance your application form
  • University experience
  • Gain work experience
  • Have a medical school interview
  • Gain clinical experience

Medsim Enhanced

Medsim Practicals

Medsim Testimonials

'It's been so useful for interview techniques'    

'I left the conference with a firm offer to read medicine'    

'It's been an amazing experience'

'The atmosphere was amazing'

'It took my confidence to a whole new level'

'I cannot describe the boost to my confidence'

'The whole experience has been great fun'

'I really enjoyed every aspect of Medsim'

'It's so different to anything else I've been on'